Rana Zibakhsh Shabgahi

Research Assistant

University of Calgary, 2500 University Drive NW, Calgary, AB, Canada T2N 1N4


Short Bio

I enjoy doing research on both theoretical and experimental subjects in physics. During my undergraduate years at the University of Calgary, I conducted research on a wide range of topics. In summer 2018, I was awarded a PURE grant to work on modelling and optimising light enhancement for plasmonic nanoparticles of various geometries using Comsol Multiphysics software (under the supervision of Christoph Simon). The motivation for this study was to understand how silver nanoparticles can act as antennas for biologically important molecules such as singlet oxygen which is likely responsible for the emission of biophotons.  In 2019, I shifted my focus to a more theoretical and abstract topic and wrote my undergraduate thesis on the relationship between Bell nonlocality and entanglement in the framework of quantum resource theories (under the supervision of Gilad Gour). I continued working on this topic over the summer as another PURE project and this resulted in a paper (arXiv:2012.06918 [quant-ph]) in which we show Bell nonlocality arises as a special case of entanglement under a unified resource theory of quantum processes where the parties are restricted to perform Local Operations and Classical Communications (LOCC). Following up on my earlier work and my interest in biophoton emission, I joined Daniel Oblak’s group in Quantum Cloud lab in 2019 as an undergraduate researcher and since then I have been working on developing an experimental set-up to detect biophotons with optical fibres and studying the role of biophotons in the brain.  I will be starting my master’s program in physics at the University of British Columbia in fall 2021 where I will be working under the supervision of  Mark Van Raamsdonk to study connections between quantum information theory and quantum gravity theories using AdS/CFT correspondence.