The Quantum Cloud Labs are located in the basement of the Earth Science building on the University of Calgary main campus. The QCloudLabs will soon be joined in this location by Paul Barclay’s Quantum Nano-Photonics Lab and Shabir Barzanjeh’s Integrated Hybrid Quantum Circuits Lab. The Quantum Cloud Lab is consists of an collaboration and electronics workshop area and three separate neighboring research labs. In addition, as part of the CFI QNET grant a lab-space is being renovated across from the existing Quantum Cloud Lab.


This is a list of some of the key pieces of equipment in the lab. In addition to those the lab is stocked with free-space and fibre optics and opto-mechanics, electronic and RF components as well as a selection of smaller devices that is too long to list here.

  • Adiabatic demagnetization fridge (ADR) with ~500 mK and ~50 mK base temperatures on the two stages
  • Solenoid magnet for ADR cryostat with up to 2 T field
  • Cryogenic nano-positioning xyz and xz stack (open loop)
  • Cryogenic nano-positioning xyz stack (closed loop – position encoding)
  • Sorption fridge with 0.8 K base temperature
  • Superconduicting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPD) for ~1550 nm and ~795 nm
  • Dilution fridge (arriving soon)
  • Grating stabilized external cavity diode laser for 795 nm
  • Tapered amplifier for 795 nm
  • Cat-eye external cavity diode laser for 1530 nm
  • Grating stabilized external cavity diode laser for 1530 nm
  • C-band erbium doped fibre amplifiers (EDFA)
  • Fibre laser for 1590 nm
  • L-band fibre amplifier
  • Titanium Sapphire laser with frequency doubling
  • Acousto-optic modulators for 795 nm and 1550 nm
  • Polarization state analyzer and compensator
  • Fibre coupled phase-modulators for 795 nm and 1550 nm light
  • Fibre coupled intensity-modulators for 795 nm and 1550 nm light
  • Micro electro-mechanical switches for 795 nm and 1550 nm light
  • Second harmonic generation waveguide PPLN crystal for 1047 nm -> 523.5 nm
  • Second harmonic generation waveguide PPLN crystal for 1590 nm -> 795 nm
  • Spontaneous parametric downconversion waveguide PPLN crystal for 523.5 nm -> 795 nm & 1532 nm
  • Fusion splicer for single mode and polarization maintaining optical fibres
  • Optical wavemeter
  • Optical spectrum analyser
  • Various detectors
  • Time-tagging units with 4 channels and 10 ps resolution
  • Time-tagging unit with 8 channels and 80 ps resolution
  • 6 GHz digital sampling oscilloscope
  • 1 GHz digital sampling oscilloscope
  • 500 MHz digital sampling oscilloscope
  • Electrical spectrum analyzer
  • Arbitrary waveform generators with 10 GS/s
  • Arbitrary waveform generators with 25 GS/s
  • Pulse-blaster digital signal generator
  • Motorized and manual xyz precision translation stage
  • A really tall ladder