Principal and Senior Investigators


Daniel Oblak

Assistant Professor

Trying to be on top of it all


Erhan Saglamyurek

Senior Research Associate

Quantum memory, Quantum transducer, Rare-earth ion materials


Postdoctoral Scholars

Abhijeet Alase

Postdoctoral Scholar (co-supervised)

Quantum satellite ground-station

Sourabh Kumar

Postdoctoral Scholar

Quantum memory, Quantum transducers

Ashutosh Singh

Postdoctoral Scholar

Quantum light sources


Graduate Students

Pascal Lefebvre

PhD Student

Quantum light sources

Yan Juan Xiong

Master's Student

Quantum light sources

Kim Owen

Master's Student

Qauntum key distribution, quantum dots

Mahmood Noweir

PhD Candidate (co-supervised)

Radio over fibre

Sara Shafiei Alavijeh

Master's Student

Quantum memory

Jordan Smith

Master's Student

Quantum key distribution

Nasser Gohari

PhD Candidate


Yufeng Wu

PhD Student (visiting)

Quantum memory


Undergraduate Students and Research Assistants

Rana Zibakhsh Shabgahi

Research Assistant

Quantum biology

Karabee Batta

Visiting Research Student

Quantum satellite ground-station

Snehasis Addy

Research Intern

Quantum key distribution

Amit Shalev

Phys 598 student

Quantum biology

Quinn Rupert

Undergraduate Student

Quantum satellite ground-station






QCloudLab alumni

Rana Prathap Simh

Visiting Undergraduate Student

Next step: MSc at IIT Kharagpur, Quantum Programming Intern at Multiverse Computing, Co-founder of IndiQ


Prathwiraj Umesh

Master's Student (visiting)

Next step: PhD student with Rupert Ursin at Institute For Quantum Optics And Quantum Information Vienna


Jun Zhang

Postdoctoral Scholar

Next step: Postdoc with Yiqing Lu at Macquarie University


Hridya Meppully Sasidharan

Visiting MSc student

Next step: Complete degree at S.V. National Institute of Technology, then PhD student at TU Delft, group of W. Tittel


Sarvin Sepassi

Phys-599 Student

Next step: Job hunting


Jacob Davidson

Visiting PhD student

Next step: PhD student at TU Delft, group of W. Tittel


Gustavo Castro Do Amaral

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow

Next step: Postdoc at TU Delft, group of W. Tittel