Jacob Davidson

PhD Candidate (visiting)

University of Calgary, 2500 University Drive NW, Calgary, AB, Canada T2N 1N4


Jake Davidson


Short Bio

Jacob Davidson completed his undergraduate degree in math and physics and a minor in computer science from Hamilton College. This triumvirate of interests formed the perfect background with which to approach the field of quantum information. After a short stint as a software developer Jacob started M.Sc. program in the QC2 lab at the University of Calgary and began getting his feet wet with his first lab work in quantum optics. After a quick 2 years and lots of key learning experiences he recently completed that M.Sc. degree here in Calgary with a thesis on a hybrid quantum memory experiment. Jacob is currently a PhD Student at QuTech, TU Delft,  but completing an experiment has kept him in the Canadian wild west. His work is in building a highly efficient AFC quantum memory in a thulium doped garnet crystal. This project and the many that are taking place in the QC2D and QCloud labs are directly related to his primary interests of quantum networking and quantum information processing in atomic and superconducting systems. When Jacob is not in the lab you can usually find him skiing or kayaking all over the Rockies!